Hike-app is based on open source:

Powered by Yii Framework

Illustrations by Vecteezy!

Icons by Maps Icons Collection

change log


Added open street maps.

Added messages option to silent stations.

Added tracks, organisation can add gpx files.

Lots more.


Added new user dektrium yii2-user and dektrium yii2-rbac.


Added overview of activity per group.

Added search for hints page.

Added Export functionality. You can export a complete hike.

Added Time Trail. This is comparible with the silent stations. But the qr code of a time trail have a time restriction. The player have to scan them within a certain time. Time trail can run over several day's.

Added manuals. This is not complete and we are still experimenting with different formats.

Implemented caching for optimization.

Added the functionality to delete an hike.

Added change log.

Several small bugs.


Complete rewrite in Yii2